Here on KeepAnOpenMind, we like to make sure that all of you guys are up-to-date on how to trade safely and what you must do to achieve it! Trading can vary in how safe your being due thte amount you're actually trading for, the higher the value; the bigger the risk!

Trading is one of the most used features on the openHabbo Hotel, and depending what you are a trading and where you are a trading depends on how safe you're being, for example- if you are in a casino; you're not really trading safe considering you are giving away your items to bet with; you do not know if you are guaranteed to acually get them back or something of the same value!

Let's begin!
This is trading...

This is an example of a trade request, there are hundreds of items all over the openHabbo Hotel, and the majority of them are able to be traded- meaning a lot of your furniture is able to be traded for better things or different things depending on your interest in trading! Within the trade request you have your inventory, meaning you can quickly place anything in the window that you want too!

We have also noticed that around openHabbo Hotel there are a few users out there (won't name any Habbo's in particular) who are only in it to trade, so as soon as you enter a room they feel as if they MUST trade you as soon as you enter a room, there is nothing wrong with these Habbo's but it can be very unsettling; if you don't want to change just simply cancel it!

Confirming a Trade!
It had to be added...

Confirming a trade is a great feature that openHabbo contains, because there are a lot of scammers out there who may or may not be able to hack you so you accept the offer of their trade; there will always be peopole like this around, and although they get banned relatively quickly they can still get away with some damage before they get booted out of the Hotel! Your best bet is to make sure that the person you're talking to is genuine, ask them questions a little while before trading and see what type of character they are like!

Once the little 'lock' symbol like in the image above appears, the trade has been completed!