Pixels are used all the time within openHabbo, and you are able to collect them whilst you earn respect, complete quests and many other tasks throughout the openHabbo Hotel! You must remember, that Pixels can be used for furni!

So, if you feel as though you are a little short on coins, it's always worth checking your pixels! If you want to earn pixels, you can do it in more ways than one, they can eben be used by buying VIP, a nice little temptation that the administrators of openHabbo have put in for us!

So let's begin...
There are a number of ways you can get Pixels!

• Completing achievements.
• Completing quests!
• Buying VIP.
• Winning competitions.
• Signing up to the hotel.

These are just a few of the many ways that you can gain Pixels, and there are also a number of things you can use them for; you can buy effects and furni! The main way you can genuinely spend pixels is by going to the catalogue and selecting the 'pixel shop' from there on it's pretty self explanatory on what you need to do!

This is the pixel shop on the openHabbo Hotel, by using the pixel shop you are able to purchase a number of pieces of furniture and effects ready for your every need, most effects and furnitutr are not considered, this is because they are openly available to every single member of the hotel; the only way these could become rare is if they are removed from the catalogue!

There are a lot of things you can gain from having effects and furniture from the pixel shop; you let people know that you are good at collecting pixels. Another point is, you are only allowed to use an effect for an hour, it then disappears and needs to be bought again! There's another reason for you to collect as many pixels as you can!

All Effects
These are currently all of the effects that can be purchased using pixels on openHabbo...

Each effect has its own style, as you can tell by the picture you'll know what they do; the ones that look really good are more or less the ones that are going to cost the most!

All Furniture
These are all of the pieces of furniture that you can buy with pixels...

All of these items can be bought under the section 'Hello' in the Pixel Shop!

Auto Mobiles
The Auto Mobiles are also available via the pixel shop!

The cars can be used to travel around in on openHabbo, kind of like an effect, the others are for room detail, to make it look as race track-like as possible!

These are all of the rentals available to buy using Pixels!

You can purchase rentals from the Pixel Shop in openHabbo but they will only last for a specific amount of time...