openHabbo Glossary

The openHabbo Glossary
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openHabbo is full of hundreds of people, using all kinds of different words, so many it's too hard to remember them all! That's where the Glossary comes in, we've created this in order to give you the chance of understanding what the bobba everyone is talking about!

The Table
Here it is, exclusively for you!

Word Meaning
Hit A term used in Casinos when a person wants to continue rolling a set of dice.
Stay/Stick Usually used in Casinos when someone wants to stay or stick with the number they have rolled.
GB In terms of value, when someone says "GB" they are referring to how much an item is worth in Gold Bars.
LOL An acronym for "laugh out loud" or in some cases "lots of love".
LMAO Stands for "Laugh my a** off", usually used when joking, if you hadn't guessed.
LAWL A bit harder to get straight away- "Laughing a whole lot".
PMSL A little more explicit, "P**s myself laughing".
Furni The shortened version of Furniture, those lazy players!
BRB Abbreviation of be right back.
AFK Away from Keyboard.
G2G Abbreviation of Got to go/Gotta go.
P2P Usually used in gaming, meaning Pay to Play if you're in the line.
P2K A term used in gaming also, meaning Pay to Kick, used if you want to kick another player from the game!
FF/Fallin' Furni A game where a user drops down furniture while Habbos race to sit on it, last to get a piece of furniture to sit on, loses.
Rare(s) A term used for furniture that has been released in the catalogue for a limited amount of time!
Norm(s) Furniture that is in the catalogue all year around!

More to be added in the near future...