Alt Codes

There are a lot of alt codes within openHabbo that can be used in order to express the way you feel! There are of course a lot of effects to do this for you, but most Habbo's within openHabbo feel that they need to express themselves using speech rather than the way you look!

Plus, let's be honest, it's just another feature that we all love to play around with!
None of us can resist a little play with a feature we've never seen before, even if it's been around since the dawn of openHabbo time, we can't help playing with it!

Alt Codes are simple, they're small little symbols displayed within the openHabbo speech bubbles, they're are quite a few of them, and we are here to explain how to do them and what each one means!

All of the Alt Codes
We told you there are a few...

Each one of them has a specific meaning, all you have to do is look at each one to know what they mean! There are a lot, and I bet you're wondering how to use them? Well, we will explain...

If you're using a computer simply hold down the alt key and then enter the numbers needed to produce your chosen alt code. However, if you're using a laptop you'll have to to press the FN key and the F11 key before you begin, using the keys "MJKLUIO789" as your numbers, those of which will be shown above the selected key.